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2019-10-21 20:26:47

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Deciding to donate a loved one's organs Jump to media player How doctors and nurses help families reach a difficult decision which could save a stranger's life.

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How Keira's heart saved Max Jump to media player The parents of Keira, and Max - the boy who received her heart - tell the story behind the organ donation legislation named after them.

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‘It’s important to talk about organ donation’ Jump to media player Just weeks after she registered as a donor Pauline Thorpe died - but she helped four people to live.

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How ethnicity affects organ donation Jump to media player Ashley suffers from kidney failure but a lack of BAME organ donors means her doctors have not found a match.

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'My hero gave me his liver' Jump to media player Tom Wilson died after an accident during a hockey match, but his organs and tissues have saved more than 50 people.

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Lilly, 11, was forced to plan her funeral Jump to media player Lilly Kendall had been planning her funeral aged 11 - before an organ donor saved her life.

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Boy wakes up before doctors pull plug Jump to media player A 13-year-old boy regains consciousness just after his parents signed paperwork to donate his organs.

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