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2019-06-20 19:08:17

{"title":"How to create QR code business card to maximize your personal brand for free - Squiqr","alias":"how-to-create-qr-code-business-card-to-maximize-your-personal-brand-for-free-squiqr-1561050696049-MVgBeTFuDC","url":"https://squiqr.com/create-qr-code-business-card/","canonicals":["https://squiqr.com/create-qr-code-business-card/"],"description":"Easiest way to create a QR code business card by Squiqr. Maximize your personal brand and business for free. (No more paper waste)","content":"Tun Karnjanakul

As a Co-Founder of Squiqr, Tun aims to help people live a purposeful way. Balance work/life & surfing.

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